• For all script and referral enquiries, you will need an appointment with your doctor. If you are eligible this can be done via phone consultation.
  • A new online appointment booking service is available for our lovely patients. If you are an existing patient of our practice, you can also book your appointments “online” with HOT DOC via our Facebook page or website for most of our doctors.
  • Alternatively all patients can book their appointments by calling our friendly staff on (02) 6555 5464 .


  • You will get a sms reminder to your nominated mobile number reminding your appointment time at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • If you’re unable to attend your scheduled appointment please call at least 2 hours before. In case of non attendance a no show fee applies. Thanks for your understanding.

We do our best to minimise waiting time. However, as it is not possible to predict when emergencies and complex problems may arise, delays may sometimes occur.

You will help us if you:

  • Arrive punctually
  • Notify reception staff of your arrival (check-in)
  • Notify reception staff before leaving the practice (check-out) as some consultations such as skin checks or procedures will attract a fee as per our FEE POLICY.
  • Advise our staff, when booking-in, if you need a long consultation
  •  Limit the consultation process to the person who has the appointment (One patient per appointment)
  • For a routine appointment, to ring or book online several working days in advance to ensure that you obtain an appointment at a time suited to you. We encourage you to see the doctor of your choice for your consultations.
  • For an urgent appointment, Please alert our staff at the time of your call that the problem is of a priority nature, and our staff will do their best to book you an appointment on the day of your call, although this may not be with the doctor usually attended. Subsequent (on-going) care will be available from the doctor of your choice.
  • For all medical emergencies please call 000 directly.
  • No results will be given via telephone by our administration staff.
  • You will need a formal appointment (face to face or phone consult) for All script and referral enquiries


  • All new or existing patients with new or existing work cover case, need to discuss with their consulting doctor directly first. It is the doctor’s discretion to accept to take over your case.